HybridNeuro at the Education Fair in Barcelona

BIOART was present at "Saló de l'Ensenyament" (Education Fair) from March 13 to 17. We presented to the students a demonstration of high-density electromyography (hdEMG) technology.

The system consisted of a set of surface electrodes that captured the body's cells' biopotentials, later amplifying and interpreting them so that the signal obtained could be used to control a machine, which in this case was a video game.

The activity called “Playing with biopotentials: your body, your command” is an example of the human-machine interface (HMI) where the students interacted with a video game character controlled by their body's electric activity potentials.

This demonstration activity is an example of engineering techniques used in the medical field to improve rehabilitation processes in clinical therapies. The motor-neural activity performed during therapeutic rehabilitation is evaluated and monitored using multichannel biosignal processing to provide patient biofeedback and quantitative information to clinicians.

The information obtained can be used to monitor evolution while improving rehabilitation tasks by providing personalized therapy.

image education fair in Barcelona