What are Hybrid Neural Interfaces?

For complete understanding of the neurophysiology of human movement, motor learning, motor recovery and rehabilitation the activities of brain centers need to be analyzed simultaneously with the activity of muscles. Hybrid Neural interfaces combine the information from both recording modalities.

Why HybridNeuro project?

HybridNeuro project combines the expertise of leading European partners in the field of Neural Interfaces to set up a new pathways of analyzing human motor system and human movements and transfer the academic research into clinical and industrial practice.

More about HybridNeuro

The Making of Our Project's Logo

Project organization

Objective: to adequately coordinate and organize the project execution, ensuring that it evolves according to the time schedule, expected results and budget established.

Objective: knowledge transfer and networking for researchers at partner institutions during stays abroad. These include a number of short and long-term staff exchanges of young researchers and qualified scientists. More attention is dedicated to the exchange plan of the researchers at UM.

Objective: to open research avenues exploring hybrid interfaces in movement augmentation including EEG and HD-EMG data fusion.

Objective: to enable professional growth of research staff of partnering institutions (UM in particular) through specialized lectures on transversal skills.

Objective: to increase UM ́s international visibility, competitiveness, and reputation in research management, technology transfer and gender equality.

Objective: to disseminate and communicate the project outcomes to general and research public, but most importantly to industrial partners and medical experts, fostering the transfer of hybrid cerebro-muscular technology to market and to rehabilitation practice, especially in Slovenia.

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