First Research Management Exchange

the HybridNeuro research project manager, Dr. Tanja Botić, visited Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC/CIT-UPC), Barcelona, Spain to receive training.

From February 5th to February 9th, 2024, dr. Tanja Botić, the research project manager for the HybridNeuro project, visited UPC/CIT-UPC. During her visit, she was introduced to the structure and mechanisms of support implemented at UPC concerning research and innovation within the European landscape, mainly focusing on Horizon Europe funding opportunities. Activities during her visit included hands-on training on proposal set-up and participation in a workshop about successful case studies in technology transfer facilitated by the Technology Transfer Office at UPC. Additionally, she exchanged insights with innovation and project managers from the clinical research unit at the Guttman Neurorehabilitation Institute, engaging in discussions regarding the long-term impact of the HybridNeuro clinical pilot and actively participating in round table discussions with stakeholders at the HybridNeuro Hub event. To complement her skills, she also participated in the Gender Equality talk entitled "The (in)visible ingenuity" offered by Prof. Nuria Salan.

Reflecting on her experience, Tanja described the training week as highly productive, providing abundant opportunities for exchanging experiences and learning about best practices in research management, technology transfer, early clinical validation of solutions, and networking with stakeholders interested in the HybridNeuro Project and HybridNeuro Hub. She noted the effective operation of the UPC/CIT-UPC team in promoting research funding, research valorisation, patient-oriented innovations, and gender aspects. Importantly, the visit also fostered a stronger connection between UM and UPC/CIT-UPC at the research management level.

Looking forward to the next opportunities that HybridNeuro project will allow for these exchanges!

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