Institut Guttman joined the HybridNeuro project

We are proud to announce that Institut Guttman has joined the HybridNeuro project!

The Institut Guttmann provides expert, personalised attention at the highest human, scientific and technical levels and upholds a continuous commitment to quality as a Centre of Excellence with the most prestigious health accreditations.

With over 55 years of experience treating people affected by neurological disabilities, the Institut Guttmann's care model is based on the intervention of an expert multidisciplinary team put together for each patient. This model, along with the quality and experience of the hospital's professionals and modern facilities that continuously incorporate the most innovative technologies in the specialty, make the Institut Guttman one of the world's leading hospitals in its field.

The Institut Guttmann is set to lead the clinical study for HybridNeuro project, aiming to assess the effectiveness of hybrid neural interfaces on stroke patients.

Institut Guttmann, welcome on board!


Guttmann 2.