Interview with Mónica Rojas, a researcher from the BIOART group (CREB) at the UPC

Blog of CIT UPC published the interview with Mónica Rojas, researcher from the Biosignal Analysis for Rehabilitation and Therapy (BIOART) group, Biomedical Engineering Research Centre (CREB) at the UPC. Mónica described the main objectives of the HybridNeuro project. She stressed that HybridNeuro is a twinning action focused on boosting the capacities of the University of Maribor (Slovenia) in relation to the proposal and execution of research projects in the area of motor rehabilitation and neuromuscular disorders, technology transfer and the exploitation of research results. Mónica also presented three other HybridNeuro partners: the UPC (Spain) and CIT UPC Technology Center, Imperial College London (United Kingdom) and the University of Chalmers (Sweden) and explained that these centres are widely recognised for their contributions to the extraction of neural control for voluntary movement control, whether based on EMG signals (that is, electromyography, which analyses muscle activity), or EEG (electroencephalography, that is, a kind of study that measures brain activity). The idea is to combine knowledge in these two areas. Hence the name HybridNeuro. The project aims to strengthen expertise and boost the applications in motor rehabilitation, sports, and ergonomics, among others.

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