University hospital Olomouc visiting UM

Last week, the University of Maribor and HybridNeuro team hosted guests from the University Hospital Olomouc; Kolářová Barbora, PhDr., PhD, a physiotherapist from the Rehabilitation Department, and Monika Jasenská, a biomedical engineer from the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

During their visit, Prof. Dr. Aleš Holobar led discussions on potential collaborations and synergies within the HybridNeuro project and the transfer of advanced biomedical signal processing methodologies into clinical practice, mainly in assessing nerve paresis and its rehabilitation.

The HybridNeuro project manager, Dr. Tanja Botić, led discussions on the possibilities of joint R&D project applications.

We jointly visited the University Hospital Center Maribor, where we were welcomed by Aljaž Hölbl, associate expert from the Medical Research Department. Together with researcher Valentino Šafran, from the Laboratory for Digital Signal Processing, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, they showcased the outcomes of the H2020 “HosmartAI” project, The demonstration featured the humanoid robot Frida and discussions about their potential roles in rehabilitation processes, such as daily exercise monitoring and execution of exercises by the patients.

More about the guests:

Kolářová Barbora, PhDr., Ph.D. is working as physiotherapist at Rehabilitation Department of University Hospital Olomouc. She is responsible for the functioning of the Kinesiology Laboratory, where they assess and treat patients with motion disorders, educate students, and develop the research group concerning motion analysis. Current major research focuses are on a course of motor recovery: in patients after stroke as a result of intensive physiotherapy, in patients with frozen shoulders as a result of hydrodilatation+physiotherapy, and in patients with denervated muscle as a result of electrostimulation. Dr. Kolářová supervises Monika Jasenská in her PhD study.

PhD student Monika Jasenská is a biomedical engineer at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University Hospital Olomouc. She provides clinical and technical support to the Neurologic Clinic, Neurosurgery Clinic and Rehabilitation Department. She is a member of fMRI and Kinesiology laboratory. Her main research focus is surface electromyography analysis in combination with IMU sensors and fMRI measurements, mostly in neurological patients.

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