Human-machine communication interfaces in the future: Interview with Prof. Dr. Aleš Holobar on national Radio Slovenia

Prof. Dr. Aleš Holobar was interviewed on the “Prvi program” of Radio Slovenia, in the Radiosfera section dedicated to stories, perspectives, views, memories, journeys, science, technology, culture, heritage, sports, music, and entertainment. This segment captures the world as covered by the First morning programme.

Prof. Holobar presented the activities of the HybridNeuro project. Discussing the future integration of natural and artificial intelligence, Prof. Dr. Holobar stated, "I don't believe we can avoid human-machine communication interfaces in the future. We must integrate them into our society with positive and negative attributes. It's crucial to start discussing this early enough so that safety measures can be implemented properly. Undoubtedly, the future lies in greater connectivity between humans and machines."

These aspects are regularly discussed also within the HybridNeuro project.

Recording of an interview available in the Slovene language:

Prvi program interview