HybridNeuro project in UMniverzum Magazine

On March 28, 2024, UMniverzum, the magazine of the University of Maribor, Slovenia, published a four-page contribution about the HybridNeuro project, outlining its objectives and activities for the University's academic community and the general public. The first section of the contribution highlights key facts about the electrophysiology of the brain and skeletal muscles. In the next section, characteristics of neural interfaces, such as brain-computer and muscle-computer interfaces, are described, emphasising the importance of simultaneous recording of neural codes from brains and muscles. The concluding section of the contribution presents the UM FERI team's experiences in coordinating the HybridNeuro project, the expertise of the HybridNeuro partners and the ongoing measurements involving stroke patients conducted in collaboration with Institut Guttmann, Spain.

The contribution in the Slovenian language is available at https://prenos.um.si/umniverzum/21/

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