Workshop: Leap to hybrid Brain Computer Interfaces

    Imperial College London will host a workshop on Hybrid Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) co-organized with the European project Hybrid Neuro. Traditional non-invasive BCIs use electroecephalogry (EEG) to decode different brain states to control external devices or trigger neurorehabilitation paradigms. Most recent advances on high density electromyography (hdEMG) have shown that it is possible to decode firings of individual motor units which can be used to model brain oscillations and commands from the periphery. Do not miss the opportunity to attend this 3-day workshop (free attendance) with keynote lectures on hybrid BCI and hands-on-training activities. The workshop will not only be held in person, but also it will be streamed online. Register now with the QR code and selecting your preferred attendance modality. The lectures and training activities will focus on the mitigation from classical EEG-based BCI to hybrid BCI by including EMG signal analysis:

    • Day 1 - Basis of BCI Electrophysiology: fundamental theorical and practical concepts on hdEMG and EEG acquisition and signal processing and its application on BCIs
    • Day 2 - Hybrid BCI for neuromodulation: review on hdEMG and EEG applications to modulate the central nervous system.
    • Day 3 - Hybrid BCI prosthetic control: principles of EMG and real-time signal processing methods to decode muscle activity and motion intent to define the behavior of virtual and real prosthetic hands.
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