Workshop: A journey into brain activity

    The Workshop BCN24: A Journey into Brain Activity aimed to be an enlightening and engaging explorative session on the fascinating world of brain activity, where attendees' participation contributed significantly to the depth and diversity of discussions.

    The Workshop BCN24, held in Barcelona from February 6th to 9th, 2024, was not just a series of lectures. It was a unique learning experience, carefully designed to be accessible to beginners and seasoned professionals. Hands-on training sessions in the afternoons provided a rare opportunity for attendees to learn while actively solving specific problems, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration.

    During four days, we were honoured to have distinguished speakers and experts in neuroscience who guided us through this captivating journey into brain activity, providing valuable insights and perspectives. The daily sessions focused on EEG signal acquisition and preprocessing, ERP and MRCP studies, movement intention for device control, Source localisation, and brain connectivity.

    The Workshop BCN24 was a truly global event, with 209 people registered, representing 21 different nationalities and a diverse range of professional backgrounds. This rich mix of attendees, comprising 74% Academic (researchers and students), 12,5% Companies and Spin-offs, and 13,5% Clinicians, contributed to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the workshop.

    By fostering a unique blend of engaging discussions, hands-on learning, and expert guidance, this Workshop left participants with not only knowledge but also the inspiration to push the boundaries of brain research. BCN24 wasn't just a workshop; it was a catalyst. By sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for brain research, it empowered participants to translate their newfound knowledge into groundbreaking advancements in the field.

    Barcelona's Workshop BCN24 concluded its 4-day exploration of brain activity, leaving participants motivated with knowledge and a fruitful professional network, settling the basis for future collaborations. We hope to see everybody again in the upcoming HybridNeuro consortium activities.

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