Summer school on Hybrid Neural Interfaces

Summer school 24 Schedule

Summer school 24 Agenda


Join us for a thorough overview of the cutting-edge Hybrid Neural Interfaces at our upcoming summer school.

One week of educational and networking activities is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in hybrid neural interfaces. Throughout the program, attendees will explore diverse topics ranging from high-density surface and high-density intramuscular electromyogram analysis to movement augmentation, motor-cognitive interventions and neural interfaces for managing movement disorders.

The Summer School begins with an in-depth examination of high-density surface electromyogram (HDEMG) analysis, exploring the latest developments in motor unit identification techniques and motor unit identification pipelines. Participants will gain insights into the intricacies of motor unit behaviour in both voluntary and elicited contractions, illuminating the underlying mechanisms driving movement control and coordination.

Moving beyond muscle activity, the program shifts focus to functional brain connectivity as assessed by electroencephalograms (EEG). Attendees will explore the dynamic interplay between cortical centres and muscular output, unlocking novel pathways for understanding neural movement control. Furthermore, we will explore the intersection of motor-cognitive interventions in gait and balance studies and offer insights into innovative approaches to managing movement disorders through neural interfaces. We will explain the possibilities of neural code exploitation in movement augmentation.

Incorporating practical application, the summer school offers hands-on training and advice from leading experts and fellow students. Sessions will cover vital topics, such as optimising HDEMG acquisition quality for motor unit identification and transferring information from HDEMG to EEG with the help of motor unit-based EEG filters for cortical activity assessment.

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their work, fostering collaboration and learning experiences among peers. After the regular programme, this summer school aims to create a relaxed social atmosphere with numerous opportunities for networking and cultural exchange.

Participating experts:
  • A. Holobar (University of Maribor, Slovenia): MU identification pipelines
  • J. Škarabot (Loughborough University, UK): MU behaviour in voluntary & elicited contractions
  • M.A. Mañanas (UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain): Functional brain connectivity assessed by EEG
  • U. Marušič (Science and Research Centre Koper, Slovenia): Motor-cognitive interventions in gait and balance studies
  • D. Farina (Imperial College London, UK): Movement augmentation
  • S. Muceli (Chalmers, Sweden): Beyond the surface: high-density intramuscular EMG
Hands-on & practical advice from our students:
  • M. Kramberger (University of Maribor, Slovenia): How to improve the EMG acquisition: quality control for MU identification
  • N. Murks (University of Maribor, Slovenia): From muscles to the brain: MU-based EEG filters

Student presentations & feedback from experts.
Social & networking activities

Join us for an enriching educational experience that promises to inspire and enhance the future of hybrid neural interfaces!